Currently membership is by invitation only, but we don’t want you not to have the opportunity to show us your work and apply. If you’re a full time professional person painter, or perhaps only hope to be full time but are still dedicated to the field, then get in touch and we may consider you for membership. Please read the following guidelines before applying.

Artists are encouraged to be searching for something new in their work, to find their own voice and portray honesty and technical ability in their submissions.   

Contemporary portraiture is a continuation of a conversation that has been going on since man first started representing the human form in art.

Every artist adds his or her own voice to that conversation when he or she chooses to paint people. They’re saying with their art what they think portraiture – for want of a better word – means to them, what they think it should mean.

Which is why we want to hear your voice. What, in your uniqueness as a person, are you adding to that conversation? What are you saying about the people you paint and in the process what are you showing us about yourself?

If you think you have something you want to say with your art, get in touch. Just fill in the contact form with your name and please include your website address and Instagram account name. Alternatively just message us on Instagram and let us know you would like to be considered . Simple as that.